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fresh onion supplier in China
Item no:
fresh onion manufacturer in China


Product: Fresh Onion
Type: Red Onion, Yellow Onion
Brands: Linyi Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd
Package: 10kgs/20kgs carton or mesh bag or as per customers’ requirements
Standard: Fresh, clean, unspoiled, nutritive, without roots or soil, no sprouting, natural color, no slight crack

Linyi Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture / supplier/ wholesaler of fresh onion products in China. Our factory have rich experience production for fresh onion. we have self-owned and contracted farm to plant raw materials to guarantee quality from the source. well-experienced worker and QA team, advanced traceability system will make sure our products reach your request.

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Address:Yanjiapu Village, Yicheng Sub-District, Yishui County, Shandong, China
Phone:+86 152 0639 6328