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Snow white pumpkin seeds:

Total quantity in 2018 season: When starting the 2018 new crop, there will be still around 10,000mts of 2017 old crop at stock. Against the 2018 crop planting area, new crop yield will be around 14,000mts.Totally 24,000mts, this is 50% less than last year.

Current market and Our prediction: Market price is steady this week, maybe because of the less demand from foreign market, and more demand in domestic. To be steady and keep on the same level might be the best situation of snow white, it is small possibility for decreasing market.

  Shine skin pumpkin seeds:

Current market information: Market price rose up around 30usd this week.

Why price rise up:

1.It is the end of 2017 season,raw materials are in short supply.

   2.Some districts of Inner Mongolia were raining and flooding, someone want to take this opportunity to hype the market and sell their stocks in high price.

Our prediction: Against the planting area, its almost the same as the last crop, so, maybe 2018 market price would not have big difference comparing with 2017 season, how market trend goes would depend on the demand from foreign market.

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