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Shine skin Pumpkin Seed Kernels, against the quality, can divided into shine skin pumpkin kernels A, shine skin pumpkin kernels AA, shine skin pumpkin kernels AAA. In this page, we will introduce you the shine skin pumpkin kernels grade AA

Physical Spec.:

Grade AA

taste: normal, typical of pumpkin kernels

smell: normal, typical of pumpkin kernels, free from any off-smell

appearance: fresh and health

Production: machine peeled

origin: China, Inner mogolia ,Xinjang , Northeast of China

Purity: 99.98% min.

Moisture: 7.5% max.

Color: Green color

Bad kernels: 2%

Broken <1/2 kernels: < 3%

Natural Foreign Materials(Adhering Skin,Chips&scratches,Shrivelled):<0.05%

Malignant impurity: None

Foreign matter (stones, hull, Plastic,sticks, Glass, plant material): None


total plate count: 100,000

Coliform 1000 cfu/g max,

E coli Not detected in 1g;

Salmonella(in 25g):Absent in 25g

Metal detector: 2.0mm stainless steel, 2.0mm non ferrous ,1.5mm ferrous (max)

Magnet : 9000-10000 Gauss

X-RAY: 2.0mm stainless steel, 2.0mm non ferrous ,1.5mm ferrous,glass 1.5mm , CE 1.2mm

– hourly metal detection

Chemical Specifications:

Aflatoxin 4PPB MAX

Peroxide Value (PV) 0.8 (g/100g) max

Free Fatty Acid Value ( FFA ) 1.5% max

GMO:Free From GMO


25kg per vacuum PE bag with woven bag; OR 12.5kg per vacuum bag, 2 bags per carton

Packing Condition

1 The Package Should Be Clean And Strong

2 The PP & Craft Bags Shouldn't Be Dirty And Torn

3 The Bags Are Sealed With String

4 Bags Should Sealed Or Printed With Marks

5 Marks Printing Must Be Clear And Clean

Transport & Storage Conditions

1 Packed Kernels Shouldn't Be Exposed To Rain Or Sun

2 The Packages Should Not Be Stowed To Cause Any Deformation To Each Other & No Palets

3 It Is Better To Fumigation Cargo When Weather Start Warm,To Avoid Insect.

Loading: 17-18mt/20'GP, 26mt/40'HC

Storage: Around 15'c And Keep Moisture Dry And Air Ventilated

Linyi Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture / supplier/ wholesaler of pumpkin seeds kernels products in China. Our factory have rich experience production for pumpkin seeds kernels. we have self-owned and contracted farm to plant raw materials to guarantee quality from the source. well-experienced worker and QA team, advanced traceability system will make sure our products reach your request.

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