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Frozen baked sweet potato factory in China
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Frozen baked sweet potato supplier in China

The frozen baked sweet potato is produced according to HACCP system and is metal detected, containing no addictives and NON GMO. We are the reliable supplier of frozen baked sweet potato in china


frozen baked sweet potato Whole: 200-500g/piece or as request.

Package: 10kgs per carton with inner PE bag Or as clients' requirements.
Standard: Grade A


Price Terms: FOB,CNF,CIF

MOQ: 3tons (if can be mix loading with other products) Or 10tons

Loading Capacity: 18-25 tons per 40 feet container according to different package;

Shelf Life: 24 months in -18'C storage

Loading Port: Qingdao Port of China

Delievery Time: 15days after confirmation of SC or receipt of deposit

Suppling Period: All year round

Sweet potato is a high-yield and adaptable food crop, which is closely related to industrial and agricultural production and people's lives. In addition to being the staple food, root tuber is also an important raw material for food processing, starch and alcohol manufacturing industries. Roots, stems, and leaves are excellent feeds. Sweet potatoes are rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, carotene, niacin, vitamin C, B vitamins, saponins and other ingredients. Among the minerals contained, the content of fluorine is higher. High, it has the effect of cleaning teeth, preventing caries and protecting teeth; its rich nutritional value can enhance the immune function of the human body, and can be used as a common medicinal staple food for preventing and treating cancer. In cancer surgery or postoperative radiotherapy, chemotherapy and its recovery process, it has the role of adjuvant treatment; sweet potato mainly has the functions of enhancing immunity, cleaning teeth and preventing caries, detoxification and cancer prevention, beauty of black hair, and nourishing qi. In addition, quick-frozen sweet potatoes have become a common form of buying sweet potatoes. Buying sweet potatoes is becoming more and more common.

Linyi Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture / supplier/ wholesaler of frozen vegetables products in China. Our factory have rich experience production for frozen vegetables and fruits. we have self-owned and contracted farm to plant raw materials to guarantee quality from the source. well-experienced worker and QA team, advanced traceability system will make sure our products reach your request.

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