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Linyi Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd is one leading supplier of vegetables and fruits in China. our wide

range includes: fresh / frozen / dehydrated vegetables, frozen / dried fruits, peanuts and seeds etc.

We are located at the heart of agriculture planting area, this offer our great convenience to plant and

collect materials. Starting from 1993's, our factory have rich experiences in manufacturing and

producing with series of modern machines. From the field to your table, with well controlling food

source and production, we can supply permium quality foods to you all. With BRC/ Kosher/ Organic

certificates, our products have been well sold to 150 partners from 43 countries. With professional

service, we have earned an excellent fame among the partners. Choosing start from trust, quality

decide the price, credit lead to long cooperation. Sincerely hope that we can extend our business

with more friends by win-win benefits. We will always be here, as your reliable and trusted supplier

in China.

What we offer:

Frozen ingredients: frozen garlic, frozen ginger, frozen onion, frozen chili, basil, parsley etc

Frozen fruits: frozen strawberry, frozen peach, frozen kiwi, frozen raspberry, frozen blueberry etc

Frozen vegetables: frozen broccoli, frozen cauliflower, frozen carrot, frozen pepper etc

Fresh vegetables: fresh ginger, fresh garlic, fresh onion, fresh carrot, fresh potato etc

Dehydrated vegetables: dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onion, dehydrated ginger etc

Peanuts and seeds: Peanut kernels, blanched peanuts, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin kernels etc

Dried fruits: goji berry, dried apricots, dried apple, dried pear, dried strawberry, dried peach etc

How to guarantee the quality?

* We have the owned farm base to plant some materials with 100% organic planting, also we have the

contracted base to grow the agricultural materials

* We have professional QC, to inspect whole production line, which should be comply with HACCP.

* In addition to our owned lab, we also cooperated with the third party labs, to make sure the

microbiology and pesticide residues meet the URLs

* We have modern machines to be used at production, eg: imported diced machine, heavy metal

detector and X-ray machine etc.

* We have our owned tracing systems, from the materials to the finished products, we can well control

and know everything.

Quality are our prior principles, we always take every efforts to reach better level.

The history:

In 1993's, the 1'st factory was built to process the peanuts and seeds.

In 1996's, the 2'nd factory was built to process the dried fruits.

In 1999's, the 3'rd factory was built to process the frozen vegetables and frozen fruits.

In 2000's, the 4'th factory was built to process the fresh and dehydrated vegetables.

frozen strawberry whole

frozen garlic clove

dehydrate garlic flake

Fresh air dry ginger
Address:Yanjiapu Village, Yicheng Sub-District, Yishui County, Shandong, China